Bonus Scenes

Click on movies below to view selected footage not included in the broadcast documentary.

Nameless History

Many of the Aleut Americans who died while confined to the camps in Southeast Alaska were buried in Juneau cemetery. A few of their graves are marked with headstones inscribed with a name and date, but others lie in anonymity.


On St. Paul Island, rebuilding the church helps restore an important link to the past.

Duty to Care

Attorney John Kirtland discusses the differences between the Japanese American internment and the removal of Aleut Americans to duration camps in Southeast Alaska.

Return to Killisnoo

Alice Petrivelli was 12 years old when she arrived at Killisnoo Duration Camp, in June 1942. Evacuated from Atka on June 12, shortly after the Japanese invasion of Kiska and Attu, Alice boarded a Navy transport as her home disappeared in the searing glare of flames. In an effort to deny resources to the enemy, U.S. forces reduced the ancient village to ash. At Killisnoo, Alice found little comfort.

Inside the Vault: A Special Tour of the Pribilof Island Logbooks

Archivist Bruce Parham takes you past the public rooms, into the private stacks of NARA Pacific Alaska Region, for a rare look a the original Pribilof Island Logbooks, dating from 1872 through 1961.

Unangan Dance

One of the oldest cultures on earth, the Unangan or Unangas culture preserves its history, in part, through dance. Today, there is a revival of that tradition.

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